Air Conditioning

Let Sure-Fire help you keep your family cool and comfortable all summer long. We offer a complete line of Air Conditioners from YORK that are of the highest-quality. When it’s time to get comfortable, it’s a good time to install a new high-efficiency YORK Air Conditioner. Whether replacing your worn-out or outmoded system, or adding comfort to your new home, you can count on YORK for years of quiet, trouble free and economical operation. It’s YORK’s advanced design and innovation that sets them apart. Whether it is sales. installation or service, you will not be disappointed. A properly maintained systems ensures that your system will run at peak efficiency, save the environment, and cost you less than you ever imagined. Again Sure-Fire does not end it’s relationship with you, the customer, once a unit has been purchased.

Heat Pumps
(ductless and central ducted)

When it comes to heating homes in the Kingston area, the use of heat pumps is probably one of the best-kept secrets that offer both heating in the winter as well as air conditioning in the summer. Widely used in Europe and Asia, a heat pump draws heat from the air, and transfers it into your home. While at first thought, one might think there is little heat available from these sources in the dead of winter, but the reality is that a modern heat pump system can draw enough heat to keep the average home warm even on the coldest day of winter, and with little need for back up heat. This is because heat pumps do not rely on other energy forms, such as natural gas or propane, to provide heat.  Given that, they can be tremendously energy efficient and economical to operate. Sure-Fire is a provider of sales, installation and service of air-to-air heat pumps in Kingston and area.

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